modern primitive




Art embodies the deepest aesthetic and cultural qualities, and acquires tangible investment value as a source of these qualities. Whatever one's motivation for purchasing art, it is important to sort out what makes it personally valuable from how the markets might regard it. As with real estate for personal use, the ups and downs of the market need not affect one's well-being if the art in itself is enjoyable.

My works are primarily available as black and white archival prints. As with B&W photography and B&W films, there is the opportunity to delve deeper into the underlying message the art has to offer if the eye is not sidetracked by color.

Each available print size has a limit on the editions. Each print is shipped with a numbered certificate of authenticity which matches the edition number signed on the print.

Many collectors now associate limited editions with collecting fine prints. Limited editions were initially a response to the mass-production of images that became possible with modern printing techniques such as the lithograph. Before this period all prints were limited editions by necessity but today many fine prints are numbered.

I feel that a print has to be intrinsically good to add value to your life. It has to have quality. The question to ask yourself is always: do I enjoy looking at this art?


  limited edition digital prints