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the artist


I am a self taught artist.

Although I took some technical illustration classes in high school and junior college I have no formal training in fine art. But I have always flirted with art for my own ends. When looking around in a bookstore I find myself looking at covers and images more than looking for books to buy to read.

I began my exploration of photography in 1972 with a Nikon F2. Initially I shot concerts in both black and white and on Ektachrome pushing both to 1200 ASA.

During the 1990s I experimented over the course of 3 years with high resolution screen printing pushing the envelope until I was able to successfully print 8 colors at 260DPI each. The knowledge acquired is serving me well in the digital printing field as many of the principles are the same.

In 2004 I upgraded to a new 5M digital camera. This particular camera with its close focussing macro capability acted as a catalyst for my seemingly dormant need to create images. I was able to leverage geometric macro images to act as seed images for digital manipulation. The ability to manipulate those images inspired me to develop an improvisational workflow which resulted in the images on this web site.

Essentially I paint using light, shadow and the unconscious.

the art of michael heth
limited edition digital prints